Now that you know you’re eligible for a VA Loan and one step closer to owning a home, it’s time to review how you go about applying for this loan. The entire process takes somewhere between 90 – 120 days from most lenders, only applicable if you’re under contract on a home. At Hero Loan we get it done in 30 days…and sometimes as little as 14! It is worth noting that every buyer’s situation is different, and a one-size-fits-all answer isn’t truthful in this scenario.

Generally, there are 4-steps required in the VA Loan eligibility process:

  1. Do your VA Loan homework (review the information above)
  2. Contact a VA-approved lender to start the application
  3. Obtain your COE (through a lender, or by yourself)
  4. Supplement all necessary documentation to the lender, including:
  • W2s
  • Tax Returns
  • Recent Bank Statements
  • Paystubs / Income Statements

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